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Independent Design Tasks

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Give your students the opportunity to get creative with these four design tasks! These worksheets are designed for students to complete independently and can be used as a start of term or fast-finisher activity. The tasks provide a great opportunity to promote discussion around personal preferences and the need to back up your views with reasons.


  • Start of Term
  • Creative

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Students will need a basic understanding of 'bird's-eye view' and keys to complete the first two tasks.

This pack includes:

My Dream Classroom Design

Are your students looking with envy at the class next door wondering why they didn't get brand new modern learning furniture? You may not be able to change anything but what's wrong with dreaming? Get those future designers err...designing!

My Dream House Design

Dream big or create a cosy hideaway - either goes! Get your students working on their bird's-eye view drawing skills and throw in a key for those fast-finishers!

My Dream Day at School

Get an insight into what your students really rate at school - who knows, they may come up with some brilliant ideas! If not, well I'm sure they'll enjoy the chance to be the master planners!

Rethinking the Class Timetable

Are your students always moaning about having Maths first on a Monday? Do they wish there was more time for PE? Let them be the master planners and come up with a new class timetable!

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