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Send nuggets of information to your future self

How often have you watched an info-packed video, read a captivating book or pored over a thought-provoking article but a few days later, your memory of the specifics have become foggy?

We forget things. What's that life-hack for storing socks? What was that mind-boggling fact about global warming? How much sunlight do you need for your daily dose of vitamin D?

With so much content constantly hitting us left, right and centre, it can be hard to recall even the best words of wisdom or fantastic facts we've come across.

You need a bite-sized prompt which takes you back and jogs your memory.

💡 The solution

Periodic push reminders written by YOU sent straight to your phone or desktop to help you remember nuggets of info or inspo.

Your own words hold a lot of power. Forget cheesy motivational quotes or irrelevant 'Did you know?' facts.

Take an idea that is fresh on your mind and record it succinctly in a bite-sized prompt. It's quick, easy and your future self will thank you for it.


Do I need to create an account?
Nope! The reminders work through Web Push Notifications which are linked to your browser rather than an account. This means if you clear your browser cache, go incognito, switch devices or browsers, you' won't have access to your information. We may move to creating accounts in the future which would allow you to sync up across devices.

How can I stop receiving these notifications?
You can unsubscribe from your settings.

If I set up the reminders on desktop, will I get notifications on my phone?
No, the reminders are on a per device basis so you will need to set up on the device you would like to receive notifications. If we switch to creating accounts in the future, this will enable you to sync desktop and mobile.

I'd like to suggest something, who can I talk to?
We'd love to hear from you so send us a message on our Facebook page or flick us an email at: