33 Creative Writing Prompts

Pictures and sentence starters to use as inspiration for your next piece of writing

14 June, 2021

Here you'll find pictures and sentence starters to use as inspiration for your next piece of writing! Enjoy! 😊

This was it. He’d checked everything 20 times over. Nothing could go wrong today.


Photo credit: Baptiste Maltaverne

How could something so light carry the weight of billions? Years of memories to be preserved or lost to the wind? We had to find out more.

Photo credit: Anke Sundermeier

The memory was hazy but the feeling remained. Loss. Did they ever really care? If they did, they never would have left. Maybe there was still an ounce of hope. Maybe.

Photo credit: Sa Ka

He closed his eyes and let the music take over. He was there. He remembered.

Photo credit: Miguel Á. Padriñán

Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.

Photo credit: René Bittner

She was right there one minute. The next, she was gone. The only thing in her bag was her teddy bear.

Photo credit: Jon Pauling

I smell trouble. Triple trouble.

Photo credit: Bernhard Eickmann

The silent street awoke with murmurs from house 12…

Photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov

Show me the way. I will follow.

Photo credit: Joshua Woroniecki

I’d made it this far. One more floor. I always hated going there but I had to.

Photo credit: Pixabay User (ID 16692474)

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I see them. I see you. You don’t see me. You never did.

Photo credit: Bisakha Datta

It was still early. He reeked of salt but he wasn’t sweating yet. There were plenty of hours left for that.

Photo credit: Phuong Nguyen

Finally a chance to clear his head. He didn’t know why they always argued like that. He didn’t need to stay around to find out how it ended. Anyway, his friends would be here soon and they wouldn’t ask.

Photo credit: taniaferreiralourenco

Tomorrow was the big day. Ironing done. Clean shaven. Address saved. This was his chance.

Photo credit: Pixabay free photos

Intel gathered. We leave at 23:00.

Photo credit: Lukas

They said it couldn’t be done. They were wrong.

Photo credit: Defence-Imagery

She’d sworn that she’d never come back here. Yet here she was.

Photo credit: Michael Gaida

He never returned that night. Or any night since…

Photo credit: Лариса Мозговая

The night was still but the air was heavy with suspense. There was a score to be settled.

Photo credit: Pixaby User (ID 15238630)

Wherever was Lucy? What was she doing? Why has she left me here?

Photo credit: Truong Hoàng Huy Ngân

Gathering momentum, he pushed off with his legs and reached out both arms. A solid handhold. Now to find his next grip.

Photo credit: Shri ram

And in a second, the scramble was on again.

Photo credit: Marna Buys

She couldn’t let them see her. She would never be allowed back. She knew too much. She held her breath. The train screeched to a halt. They knew she was here. Run.

Photo credit: Mark Plötz

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It’s time we met. Please, sit down.

Photo credit: Cro Magnon

People had visited for hundreds of years but no one knew the real story behind the pyramid.

Photo credit: Walkers

The echo of cheers. The taste of despair. The roar of victory. But no new memories had been created here in years.

Photo credit: Paul Keiffer

A bell chimed in town. The first sign of life since it happened.

Photo credit: Franz Bachinger

I knew we deserved better. My mother’s words were imprinted in my mind. It’s what she would’ve wanted me to do. For my daughter.

Photo credit: Maruf Rahman

I wondered if I should talk to him. He was always here at this time. Always holding the same scarf in his hands.

Photo credit: Manfred Antranias Zimmer

It's your move.

Photo credit: Rick Brown

She knew she shouldn’t be here. Dressed head to toe in white. An imposter.

Photo credit: TheDigitalArtist

Change was coming. What would they have of him? He knew no other way.

Photo credit: Muhamad Suhkry Abbas

The table was set but where were the guests?

Photo credit: Jill Wellington

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