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Graphic organizers, templates and resources to use in your next Writing lesson!


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Graphic organizers, templates and resources to use in your next Writing lesson!

This pack contains:

Biography Template

So tell me about yourself. Get your students to don their interviewer hats and create bios on each other or, if they have access to the internet, get them researching famous people from a topic you're studying!

Blank Writing Frame

Here you have it...a blank writing frame! Use it for publishing, assessment work or fast-finishers!

Blank Writing Frame with Picture Box

A blank writing frame with space for a picture. PDF includes narrow and wider lines.

Comic Strip Template

WHOOSH! WHIZ! BANG! What's more fun than creating your own superheroes to fight evil and save the world?! PDF includes 3 different templates - choose your preferred weapon!

Diary Entry Template

Dear Diary, What a day it has been! Students can write about their own experiences or put themselves in the shoes of a character from a book or person from the past!

Fact File Template

After reading a non-fiction text or watching an informative video, get your students to pull out 3 key pieces of information and record them in their own words. Extend out the activity by adding pictures and getting students to present their learnings.

Improving Sentences Task

Take a drab sentence and add some sparkle! Challenge students to rewrite the given sentences to make them more interesting!

Persuasive Writing For/Against Chart

Pick a moot and challenge your students to come up with reasons for and against the statement. Don't let them get away with a one-sided argument!

Persuasive Writing Planner

Give me 3 good reasons! A graphic organizer to help your students plan their persuasive writing arguments.

Proofreading Practice Task

You can never do enough proofreading practice; no matter how many times you remind your students to use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, they ALWAYS seem to forget! Practise practise practise!

Storyboard Template

Once upon a time they lived happily ever after. Use this for retelling stories, sequencing events and creating original narrative stories! Comes in 2 versions: Blank and with a space for captions.

Story Mountain

Been learning about narrative stories? Use this template to sequence events from a known story or let your students get creative and plan their own stories!

Using the Senses Recording Chart

Get your students generating ideas before a piece of writing! Comes in present tense (I can see...) and past tense (I saw...) versions so you can use it for both those descriptive moment-in-time and recount pieces of writing!

Writing Instructions Template - Recipe

Scaffold your students with this recipe writing frame! Already followed a recipe to make something in class - super! If not, let your students pick something to create and hope it sounds at least somewhat appetizing...

Writing Instructions Template - Game

Can't get outside for PE because the heavens opened up moments before your lesson was due to start? How about some cross-curricular work instead? Get your students to create their own game - complete with a comprehensive equipment list!

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