Well-being ideas & activities

We've got to build positive school cultures if we want teachers to be able to thrive. If you're looking to boost morale, promote well-being and increase motivation, here are some ideas and activities you can use yourself, with your team or for the whole staff group.

Teacher Well Being Ideas & Activities

For each section, you'll find an ideas page and a printable activity. Feel free to share these around with your teacher friends - the more happy, motivated teachers we have, the better for everyone!

Be purposeful well-being ideas

Be in control well-being activity

Be inspired well-being activity

I'm out to help teachers feel good and teach at their best. I believe that we can achieve this through four key areas:

  • Being purposeful - Having intent behind our actions and connecting with what's important with us to stay motivated

  • Being in control - Focusing on what's within our locus of control and building helpful habits into our daily routines

  • Being inspired - Being a learner at heart, open to new ways of doing things, taking opportunities to grow and keeping our teaching 'fresh'

  • Knowing we've done enough - Valuing ourselves and fostering a school culture of positivity and celebration where we are all happy and proud to call ourselves teachers.

I am well aware that 'well-being' activities can miss the mark and feel tokenistic, however I don't think that a single person could argue that looking after teacher well-being is a good thing, right?! It's all about getting the talk going, introducing authentic experiences and really building well-being into our school cultures so it's a given - not a bonus.

A collegial culture in a school goes a long way; it's probably the glue that holds a lot of us together when we face challenging times in the classroom. Our jobs are richer and more positive with supportive peers. Connection, care, empathy and appreciation should be the backbones of all schools.