"Don’t sit down."

A piece of advice that stuck

2 September, 2022

When I first started teaching, I was given a piece of advice that has always stuck with me. Don't sit down. Stand up.

Obviously this didn’t need to be taken literally but it became imprinted in my mind and to this day when someone enters my classroom, I feel the need to leap to my feet as if I could be sent to the naughty corner for sitting down.

The reasoning behind this piece of advice was that when you are standing, you are immediately more active and engaged in your teaching. You are more dynamic when presenting. You are up and monitoring your students. You are engaging in one-on-one conversations. You are doing more teaching.

I've had plenty of time now to put this advice to the test and I've come to my own conclusion that it is a pretty good piece of wisdom.

The way I see it, the danger zone to fall into as a teacher is getting stuck to your seat and absorbed by something on your laptop. Yes, we absolutely all have times when we just need to get an admin task done or look something up for our lesson, but if we disengage with our students like that for too long, they do pick up on it and, at least in my experience, they become just that little bit less engaged. And we do not want that to become a trend do we?

So if you know you spend a lot of time behind your desk, I challenge you to teach your next new concept standing up and to move around the room and engage with EVERY SINGLE LEARNER in your class during the lesson.

Comment below if you felt the difference.

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