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Take a seat Hamburger Planners...say hello to a new range of graphic organizers! These printable planning templates are perfect for both teacher modelling and student recording in the pre-writing stage of the writing process!

Not to mention, each design is different because no writing genre is the same, right? So why wouldn't we reflect that in our planning?


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This 64-page resource contains a range of single page planning sheets with prompts and recording space. The planning sheets are designed to be used for students in Year 3-6 but knowing my past students, these would still be great fits for both my Year 2 and Year 7 students and I would just alter my expectation around detail, vocabulary, number of paragraphs etc to suit varying abilities.

This resource comes in both colour and grayscale versions for the following Writing genres:

  • Narrative (1)

  • Recount (1)

  • Information Report (1)

  • Explanation (3)

  • Biography (1)

  • Letter (1)

  • Persuasive (2)

  • Descriptive (3 - Character, Setting, Object)

  • Instructions (1)

It is part of a new line of teaching resources I'm working on called PLAN IT WRITE IT IMPROVE IT and for a limited time, ALSO includes the writing frames which correspond with each of the planning sheets! :)

Planning a piece of writing is one of my favourite things to do - generating ideas and vocabulary...seeing the seeds of a great piece of writing sprouting in front of my eyes...ooh it gets me excited! But I know that it is the stage of the writing process that a lot of students struggle with so I want to do the best I can to make it as easy and inspiring as I can.

You can keep up to date with new PLAN IT WRITE IT IMPROVE IT Writing resources by joining my email list here!

Until then,
Happy planning team!

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