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Back to School Activity Booklet

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Start the new term off with a bang! This booklet contains a range of activities from art to designing an app, to coding and sharing a powerful message with the world! There are 18 printable worksheets that can be used as stand-alone tasks or as a series of activities to get students engaged and excited about the school year ahead.


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Check out the 10 activities included in this pack:

  • Pixel selfie - Okay, so we don’t all have a flash camera. Colour in the squares to show what a pixelated photo of yourself would look like! Do you think you could recognise yourself?

  • Design your own denim jacket - Personalise your denim jacket with colours, patches, patterns and text to represent you!

  • Goal setting - Aim high this year and set yourself some challenging, but achievable goals. Set two personal and two academic goals and outline how you will work towards achieving them.

  • Holiday storyboard - What adventures did you get up to over the holidays? Did you have some exciting moments or a series of unfortunate events? Draw or describe a moment, then show what happened 10 seconds before and after it!

  • Design an app - What problem could be easily be solved with the swipe of a screen and push of a button? Find a solution for your target audience then design an easy-to-use UI (user interface) for your app!

  • Create a character - Time to head to the character selection screen! Turn yourself into a character for an adventure video game. What are your character’s special abilities and what are their secret weaknesses?

  • My sphere - Where do you sit in this big-little world? Who are the people who influence you and, in turn, you influence back? Write their names in the appropriate circle.

  • Invent a game - You make the rules! Invent a game that could be played with your classmates, complete with an equipment list and diagram of how it works!

  • Encode it - Can you speak the language of computers? In this task, you will need to write a message to a buddy BUT you may only use two symbols: 0 and 1.

  • Message to the world - This is your chance to speak up! What message do you think the world needs to hear? S-t-r-e-t-c-h out your text to touch the lines.

This resource also comes with an American English version and 2024/2025 cover pages!

Hope your students love it! :)

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