Who are we?

And what is "at the minute"?

Hey there! We’re a couple of Kiwis on our big OE adventure in London. Since most of the year has been spent in some form of lockdown, we’ve embarked on this little website project to share some of our experiences and create a fun platform for developing our own skills. Say - did you spot our Queen's Guard marching along the bottom of the page? (You can use arrow keys to move him left and right!).

Why "at the minute" you ask?

Well, quite frankly we were too indecisive to choose a theme for the website so we figured we'd go for a name that encompasses anything that's fresh on our minds at the minute! We'd never heard the phrase before arriving in the UK but apparently everyone over here uses it so it's a small gesture to show that we're adjusting to life over here!

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If you'd like to send us a message you can reach us via email: kath@attheminute.com

Thanks for visiting!