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Number Wall Display Bright Pastels

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Count to 20 in style with this number wall display inspired by Burano, Venice! This is the perfect addition to your primary school classroom, giving you a taste of travel and creating a colourful display that students will love too!


  • Start of Term
  • Maths


Number Wall Display | Travel Inspired Classroom Decor | Venice | Bright Pastels

This resource contains 3 sets of numbers 1-20, designed to be cut out, laminated and displayed. The first set were hand drawn by me - hope you like them! Just in case you're after less 'busy' displays, I've also created a couple of simplified versions so you can still get your splash of colour without the extras! There are 2 numbers per A4 page (each letter is approx. A5 size).

My inspiration for this classroom display came from my whistle-stop trip to Burano, one of the islands north west of Venice. I instantly fell in love with the bright colours and how everything seemed so ‘in place’ despite the seemingly random placement of colours. Using my photos as the starting point, I came up with several colour schemes and sketched different housing designs to import into and edit on Illustrator. The colour scheme of this resource is bright pastels!

I'm going to continue designing classroom decor products inspired by my travels so keep your eyes peeled!

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