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Valentine's Day Maths Word Problems

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You know the memes; the ones where the kid has given some witty response instead of answering the Maths problem. Well, here's a chance to encourage them to do both! Hopefully you and your students get a chuckle out of their answers to these Valentine's Day problems - not to mention some practice at calculating percentages and solving algebraic equations!


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Here's a sneak peek at one of the questions:

1. A last-ditch effort

Max has left his Valentine's Day shopping to the last minute and now his city has been plunged into Level 4 lockdown. He goes to the supermarket and sees a couple of options:

- Luxury chocolates which normally cost $2.50 each, with a 40% discount.

- Cheaper chocolates which cost $1.50 each.

Max has $10 to spend and he wants to buy at least 6 chocolates. If you were Max, which chocolates would you go for and why?

Maths answer:

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