Term 1 2022 Round Up

Thoughts & take-aways on my first term back in NZ

11 April, 2022

Happy last week of term! 🎉

And what a term it's been. I know it has been a challenging one for a lot of us with so many families having to isolate at some point and grand plans being put on pause.

This has been a bit of a funny term for me; getting back to teaching in NZ after 2 years of working in London and dealing with the oddly-harsh jolt back to reality as my old routines, metaphorically, came romping back to find me, bursting open my front door uninvited, and settling in for a cup of tea like they’d never left. In other words, coming back hit me like a ton of bricks (but I like the imagery of the Old Routines Monster much better).

I'd been planning on only doing a couple of days a week of relieving this term but let’s just say that DIDN’T end up being the case and I’m now on my eighth straight week of full-time relieving (yes, I’m still working on saying ‘no’ sometimes 😂).

Reflecting on the term, one thing I’ve taken away is that it is okay to adjust your expectations based on the reality of what’s in front of you. It’s clear that all the interruptions to schooling have had a big impact on many of our students and they aren’t at the same point as the cohorts a couple of years ago were. Our students do need a bit more TLC, a bit more handholding and a bucketful of extra patience.

So, don't be too hard on yourself if you are feeling drained; students HAVE been more needy and getting them from A to B has been exhausting! If you didn’t get through everything on your term plan, that’s okay. Take where you’re at now as a win and use it as your first stepping stone onwards and upwards for Term 2!

Now, let's finish the term strong; (somehow) hold it all together and whack a little smile on the dial! (They say “Don't smile until Easter” but you've made it now, right? 😉).

You’ve got this! 💪 I'm counting down the days right there with ya!

Be purposeful teachers
Who are in control
Feel inspired
And know they've done enough.