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Hey! Do you sometimes (or perhaps pretty often) get that feeling that you could or should be doing more for your students? Are you just going through the motions enough to keep the wheels from falling off? Do you feel like you’re constantly getting battered only to pull yourself back up, whack on a smile and go through the same thing all over again? 

I feel you. Teaching is tough and it's hard to perform at our best with all the different challenges we come across on the daily. Some days it feels like the world is against us.

But we have got each other. And we have got a wealth of knowledge and experiences that we can all benefit from. So we shouldn’t settle for mediocre. We shouldn’t all have to reinvent the wheel. And we shouldn’t feel like we’re giving and giving until our tanks are empty. 

To me, being the best teacher I can be looks like this:

  • Being purposeful in using best teaching practices to move my students’ learning forward

  • Being in control of my time, emotions, and what goes on inside my classroom

  • Being inspired to learn, to create, to experiment until something ‘clicks’

And when I am able to teach at my best, that’s when I’m able to break free from the shroud of “could’ve would’ve should’ve” and know that I have done enough.

attheminute teaching mission

I’m on a mission to make that the reality for every teacher so that we can all excel and get back to the best bits of teaching.

If that sounds like where you want to be too, let’s make it happen, together.

Catch you soon
- Kath

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