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Exercise Card Bundle

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Snag yourself some PE & Health activities!


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Snag yourself some PE & Health activities!

16 Fitness Circuit Cards

Need a ready-to-go fitness activity? Need to get your students out of class to let off some steam? Set up between 1-16 exercise stations in a circuit and hit start on your 1 minute timer. You WILL break a sweat (or at least your students will!).

Exercise Log

Worried that your students are living increasingly sedentary lives? Encourage them to get moving - whether that's through organised sport, dance, running, jumping or climbing! 60 minutes of physical activity is a must for children - let's make it happen!

Design a Game Template

Can't get outside for PE because the heavens opened up moments before your lesson was due to start? How about some cross-curricular work instead? Get your students to create their own game - complete with a comprehensive equipment list!

Food Diary

Let's admit it, we probably need to use this as much as the kids. Get your students thinking about what they're actually eating each week! Are they eating a balanced diet? Could they choose a new food or recipe to try next week? (Ask mum or dad first!).

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