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Success Criteria for Instruction Writing

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A must-have for teaching Instruction Writing! Make learning easy with these editable differentiated child-speak success criteria!


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  • Writing


Step 1: Check out this handy instruction writing resource. Step 2: Download and nail your next lesson! Whether you're writing recipes for budding Master chefs, going through rules for a sport, or even just the steps for washing your hands correctly (yes, that is mightily important!), this is the resource for you!

This pack includes:

  • Child-speak success criteria for instruction writing

  • Differentiated sets of success criteria with three levels of challenge

  • Display posters with WALT and success criteria

  • Mini success criteria for students to stick into books

  • Editable text fields so you can customise to suit your learners

  • Link to a Google Doc with full editable success criteria

When you download this resource, you will have access to a Google Drive folder with:

- A 15-page Google Slides presentation with editable success criteria (+ pdf version)
- A 1-page Google Doc with full list of differentiated success criteria (+ pdf version)

This resource can be used to assist with planning as it outlines text features of instruction writing to be covered in lessons and provides progression options for learners of different abilities. It does not provide additional materials e.g. explanatory slides, exemplars or lesson plans for instruction writing. Students would benefit from whole class/small group modelling of how to use success criteria before attempting to use the success criteria independently.

There are 3 levels of differentiation for some resources. The easiest level is suitable for Year 1 students (age 5), the mid level is suitable for Year 2/3 (ages 6-7), and the high level is suitable for Year 3/4/5 (ages 7-9).

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