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How to Turn Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions

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Shhh! Converting mixed numbers to fractions is simpler than you thought! Take a peek inside this fractions resource...


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This resource contains:

  • A cheat sheet poster on how to turn mixed numbers into improper fractions

  • A scaffolded worksheet which breaks down each step and gets students to show their working

  • A worksheet for practising the quick method of converting to improper fractions

  • Answer keys for each worksheet

  • Colour and grayscale versions

I've found that a lot of students I've taught started Fractions units feeling quite daunted and low in confidence. At first, fractions can seem a bit tricky to grasp but I think the best thing is that once students 'click' and realise that there are methods they can use to answer types of questions, the whole topic is suddenly demystified.

I made this cheat sheet as a reference sheet to show how mixed numbers and improper fractions relate and then show the step-by-step process for converting to improper fractions. I've included a few definitions and key mathematical knowledge that students will need to complete the included practice activities.

If you're after some more practice worksheets on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, here are a couple more

Hope you find this useful! Happy teaching and learning! :)

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