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Hey! I'm Kath, a primary-trained teacher determined to make a real impact on the lives of teachers and the students we teach.

Does the statement "I love teaching" sit comfortably with you?

Or does it feel like a dependent clause, in that you'd feel compelled to follow it with a "but" and a list of woes?

I hear you.

Teaching is tough and a lot of the time it feels like an uphill battle with challenge after challenge coming at us.

The thing is though, together we DO have the skills, tools and support to not just cope, but thrive in our jobs. We just need to have easy, timely access to it. Let's cut the useless belief that we each have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning and resourcing. Let's use our time to do PD that is actually useful. Let's listen to our peers - really listen - and learn - and help - both give and take.

Here's my start on making a difference; building up this bank of resources, guides, references, tools and stories to learn from.

So we can get to the point where we all say "I love teaching - full stop."

My mission is for all of us to:
Be purposeful teachers
Who are in control
Feel inspired
And know we've done enough.

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If that sounds like where you want to be, I’d love you to join me on making my mission a reality!

Teaching is tough but together we can turn the tides and get back to the best parts; those reasons we got into teaching in the first place!