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Reading Resources Bundle

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Graphic organisers and templates to use in your next Reading lesson!


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Graphic organizers and templates to use in your next Reading lesson!

This pack includes:

Book Review Template
Forgot to get some new reading books for today's lesson? Use what you've already got at hand and smash out some book reviews!

Fact File Template
After reading a non-fiction text or watching an informative video, get your students to pull out 3 key pieces of information and record them in their own words. Extend out the activity by adding pictures and getting students to present their learnings.

Identifying Features of Non-Fiction Texts Worksheet
After you've looked at non-fiction text features, see if your students can identify examples of the text features independently. Grab an appropriate level non-fiction text and get started!

KWL Chart (landscape, portrait)
Before reading a non-fiction text or starting a new topic, find out what students already know (K) and want to know (W). The bang for your buck doesn't stop there though as your students later need to add what they learnt (L). 3 activities in 1!

Making Connections (Text-to-Self) Worksheet
Help your students get started with making text-to-self connections for fiction texts with these sentence starter prompts. Each page includes 2 copies so you can save on your printing budget!

Synthesising Chart
Teaching synthesising always sounds like a bit of a challenge but it doesn't have to be. Here's a synthesising chart which keeps it reeeeaaal simple.

Venn Diagram
A blank Venn diagram worksheet. Simple but always handy. Use to compare characters or texts.

Word Bank Chart
Build your students' vocabulary by creating their own word bank. Make sure that you have a dictionary - oh sorry *ipad* - at hand for them to find the actual definition.

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