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Times tables blank grids

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Sets of printable 12x12 grids for students to practise their times tables on.


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Just what you need for your next multiplication warm-up... 12x12 times table grids!

These blank times table grids are designed for students to learn and practise their 1-12 times tables. This pack contains colour and grayscale versions as well as variations with recording space for time, score and target setting.

I can't overstate how important it is for our students to quickly and accurately recall their times tables. This knowledge provides the foundation for making mental maths calculations and allows them to solve equations with higher numbers, fractions, percentages, decimals and more!

Using these grids for regular basic facts testing will help students to memorise their times tables and identify which ones they still need to learn.

For our struggling learners, we can emphasise the importance of simply improving on their score or time from the previous test and praise or reward them on their PROGRESS - not for being the fastest in the class.

So, whether you choose to use these for Friday basic facts testing, Maths warm-ups or homework, make sure it's REGULAR practice and that you encourage your students to have a CAN-DO attitude because it's then that you'll really see the results. Enjoy! :)

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