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Writing Success Criteria Bundle

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Get ready for a year of Writing units with this bundle of Writing success criteria! Here you'll find sets of success criteria for 9 genres of writing, each with differentiated options and multiple formats.

Check out what's in the bundle here:

Each resource in this bundle contains:

  • Child-speak success criteria

  • Differentiated sets of success criteria with 3 levels of challenge

  • Display posters with WALT and success criteria

  • Mini success criteria for students to stick into books 

  • Editable text fields so you can customise to suit your learners

  • Google Doc with full editable success criteria

There are 3 levels of differentiation within each resource. The easiest level is suitable for Year 1/2 students (aged 5-6), the mid level is suitable for Year 2/3 (aged 6-7), and the challenge level is suitable for Year 4-6 (ages 8-10).

Child-speak success criteria are a must-have in any classroom. Particularly when teaching Writing, I've seen a HUGE improvement in both my teaching and my students' learning when utilising them. The best thing has been seeing my struggling writers become empowered and motivated through using success criteria. When students know what is expected of them, the mystery of what makes a great piece of writing is uncovered. They really do take ownership of their learning as they play an active role in self-monitoring and assessing their own writing.

So let's make learning as clear as possible for all of our students and set them up for success every Writing lesson. Are you on board?

Be a purposeful teacher
Who is in control
Feels inspired
And knows that they've done enough ♥

Need some more ideas for supporting your lower-ability learners? Have a read of my blog article Scaffolding Writing for Struggling Students!

Happy writing! :)

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