Experiences of Teaching in 2020

Time to remember and reflect on the year

30 November, 2020

Ask last year’s me to entertain the thought of teaching a class of Year 10 students over Google Meet or three students accompanied by three teachers in an otherwise empty classroom, and I’d be hard-pressed to solve the mystery of how I got there. Starts with ‘C’ but it’s not Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick in the Conservatory.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of our worlds being turned upside down this year. Our personal lives, our social lives, our work. Teachers have been under the pump to switch from traditional teaching with pen, paper and buckets of patience to delivering online learning to a 13” screen covered in initialled circles.

The UK has been a hub of COVID and schools are by no means back to normal over here. However, just because NZ was able to nip the virus in the bud, that doesn’t mean that this year has been any less stressful for teachers Down Under.

What have your biggest challenges been in teaching this year? Have you gone from technophobe to tech wiz? Was your work-life balance better or worse?

Cast your memory back to the day when you found out that your school was closing. Did you know it was coming? How was it announced? What was the feeling amongst staff, students and parents?

Here's a snapshot of my experiences of teaching in London schools this year:

🔒 Shutdown


🌱 Restart

🔎 Scanning for Viruses...Case Confirmed