Term 4 2022 Round Up

Know you've done enough

14 December, 2022

How crazy that we’re already approaching the end of another year! I really wasn’t sure how this year was going to pan out with a whole mix of different jobs but looking back on it now, I reckon it’s gone as well as I could have asked for. 😊

Now, let’s quickly pause and rewind to 8 weeks ago... How did you go with achieving your 1 non-negotiable for this term? 

At the start of Term 4, I went in armed with the mantra ‘I can still make a difference’. I chose this because I know that it’s hard to stay motivated near the end of the year amongst the whirlwind of events, admin, restless students and tiredness and it’s much easier to adopt the ‘just make it to Christmas’ attitude. I can’t say that I hit the nail on the head with all of my lessons but what I am proud of is that I consistently persevered to engage and support my reluctant learners and I did see growth in their skills and confidence over the term.

Teaching is one of those jobs where it’s always going to feel like we could do more. But at the point where we’ve put in the effort, used good teaching practices, and acted on what was within our locus of control, then we can allow ourselves to say:

We have done enough. 🥰 

I hope you enjoy the last few days with your students before school wraps up. Take a minute to reflect on how far they've come over the year and how YOU played such an important part in that.

Take care and enjoy the holiday period. You deserve it.

Until next time,


Be purposeful teachers
Who are in control
Feel inspired
And know they've done enough.