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Hey there! Welcome to attheminute, our little corner of the internet where you'll find blogs, tools and resources on the topics of teaching, travel, tech, gaming and more!

What started as a lockdown project on our OE in London has continued to grow and we're busy writing more blogs, developing tools and creating teaching resources for our shop! Check out what we've got:

New Maths Worksheet Generator

Create your own printable PDF worksheets for your students!

Spotify visualizer

Visuals to match your favourite tunes! Just login with your Spotify account and hit play!

Who are we?

And what is "attheminute"?

Hey there! We’re a couple of Kiwis carving out our little corner of the internet with our blog, tools and resources! We got a little unlucky with the timing of our OE to London so instead of jet-setting off around Europe in 2020, we got stuck into creating this website! What started as a blog about living in London, grew to become a platform for tech tools and even a shop full of primary teaching resources!

Why "attheminute" you ask?

I bet you’re wondering about the name attheminute. Well, it was one of the first new phrases we came across during our time in London. At first, we thought it sounded a little odd, but let’s just say it grew on us like a trashy-pop-song-you-love-to-hate and here we are! To us, the name represents living in the moment (well, at the minute to be precise) and following our passions because life’s too short to sit around and wait, right?

Stay in the loop!

We're not currently updating our attheminute Facebook page but you can still check out our content from our time in London there! If you're here for teaching resources (yay!), head over to our attheminute teaching Facebook page or join Kath's weekly teaching email list!

If you'd like to send us a message, you can reach us via email:

Thanks for visiting!

Vapid Key Generator

A tool to easily generate a pair of public and private VAPID keys