(Lack of) Life in London Lockdown

Photos of the empty streets during lockdown

10 May, 2020

A quiet day at the office for the Queen's Guards

Buckingham palace with nobody around

A lone ambulance circles empty streets

St James's Park with police car driving past

Closed to worshippers and visitors

Westminster Abbey

Not in session yesterday, nor today, nor tomorrow

Palace of Westminster

Empty streets

Empty parks

Hyde Park

No sign of mankind

Robot sculpture close-up

It's a long 3 month road for some

Thurlow Road

Welcome to Camden

Camden shops

High Street hustle and bustle


Services not in operation.

Empty Camden street

Embracing change in Camden Lock-down

Camden Lock

Waiting for happier times

Paddy Power closed sign

No hot churros today

Camden Market

Open as usual

Morrisons store construction site


NHS poem

At least help is on its way

Covid-19 sanitising team in Mini vehicle