Free digital planning templates pack!

Ready to smash out your planning? Grab yourself this pack of planning templates so you can get back to what's really important: Creating your next inspiring lesson for your students!

What's included with this digital planning pack?

Short term planning templates

Long term planning templates

Drag 'n' drop timetable builder

  • Stand-alone lesson plan

  • Weekly plan (one subject)

  • Tumble

  • Weekly timetable (all subjects)

  • Unit plan

  • Term overview

  • BONUS: Drag ‘n’ drop timetable builder!

Why use a digital planner?

There’s nothing quite like having a hard copy of your planning in front of you so you can see your outline for the day at a glance and trust that it won’t disappear on you in an internet outage or notorious Windows update. 

But here’s the thing. Plans change. Plans change ALL THE TIME. Can you think of a single day at school when your students acted exactly how you anticipated and you delivered every single question prompt on cue, down to the minute? Not to mention the mother of all interruptions: Fire drill practice (I once had three in one week...yikes!).

The huge advantage with digital planning documents is that you can reshuffle your lessons with a quick DRAG & DROP. Say goodbye to scribbles, arrows and unnecessary time spent re-writing out Learning Intentions and resources. Better yet, your future self will thank you when the next school year rolls around and voila you already have your lesson plans ready to COPY, PASTE (and ADAPT).

Furthermore, from a digital document, you can easily link to other planning sheets, presentation slides and even differentiated learning resources and Individual Education Plans. If you need to write lesson reflections to meet your teaching standards, you can link directly from your lesson to your reflection document - easy peasy! Not to mention, team planning becomes a breeze...all hands on deck!

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